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Who’s Welcome?

Any Students in grades 7th thru 12th may attend CBSM! 

Where Do You Go?

Students (7th thru 12th Grade) meet on the 3rd floor. 

What is UNITE?

...What place can you go to where you belong? A place where you feel welcomed and accepted, no matter who you are? When you walk into UNITE on a Wednesday night, we want you to feel like you belong—because you do. UNITE is the weekly gathering of the Central Baptist Student Ministry.  Designed specifically for students to connect with God and with others throught worship, bible study, and community. 

UNITE isn't the best night of the week because of the cool music or lights. It's the best night of the week because of you! Wednesdays at 6pm. 

Join a LifeGroup!

...At Central Baptist Church we aim not to be a church “with” Small Groups, but rather a church “of” Small Groups. This means Small Groups are not just another ministry of our church, they are where LIFE happens in our church.  That is why, within the student ministry of Central Baptist Church, we call our Small Groups, LIFE-Groups.  Because we seek to do LIFE with others.

In each group you will find followers of Jesus who are seeking to know, trust and live out the gospel in their life each day.  Every group is open and all are welcome.

We offer LifeGroups for both Jr High & Sr High School students on Sunday mornings at 9:30am on the 3rd Floor.  Jr High meets in the Refuel Cafe for announcements & prayer before breaking into their individual groups.  Likewise, the Sr High meets in the common area of the 3rd floor.  

LifeGroups are great opportunities for our next generation to meet with friends, connect with each other and grow in Jesus.  See you this Sunday.

Jr High

  • 7th Grade | Room 316
  • 8th Grade | Room 318
Sr High
  • 9/10 Grade Boys | Room 301
  • 9/10 Grade Girls | Room 303
  • 11/12 Grade Boys | Room 306
  • 11/12 Grade Girls | Room 308

 LifeGroup 6yearPlan



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**Check out our Schedule to see when these take place.



8:15 - Classic Worship
9:20 - LifeGroups
10:30 - Connect Worship
4:00 - Praise Band Practice
5:00 - Central U. (Student Discipleship)

ReFuel Cafe (3rd Floor)
Sunday * 9:00-9:30am
Wednesday * 5-6pm

Wednesday (3rd Floor)
5:00 - Game Space
6:00 - UNITE (Student Worship)